Pickaxe Automated Data Science

Get answers from your data faster than ever.

Pickaxe is a codeless, fully automated Analytics and Augmented Business Intelligence solution that generates meaningful insights to drive better business outcomes with less time, energy, and resources. Pickaxe can tell you everything important you want to know from your data without having to ask.

Automate Analysis

Baselines, Benchmarks, & Anomalies.

Pickaxe automatically keeps track of all of the changes in your data, and always shows you extra context so you know exactly what's happening with your business.

Codeless Insights

Useful and Actionable.

Pickaxe Insights already have been trained with the business sense to know what's important to your business from day one.


Predictions on every metric.

We generate predictions on every single metric and they're always available at your fingertips. Ask a question about your data, and see the prediction for the future.

All the insights.
None of the coding.
A complete data solution.

Ask a simple question, get your data and analysis.

Queries so advanced they can tell you the future.

You build the dashboard, Pickaxe does the analysis. 

Custom dashboards that feature automated analysis and insights, highlighting all the most important things without having to dig.

AI Powered eCommerce Dashboards

Finally get that crystal ball.

Predictions without all the work.

Connect your data.

Support for hundreds of data sources with our connector library, or bring your own data by connecting your existing data warehouse or even uploading CSVs.

The smartest companies trust Pickaxe.

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