We take the pain out of getting live faster.

We help companies create and launch amazing products and digital businesses. 

Our product launch consulting practice includes everything from program management to go-to-market marketing strategy, and from product and technical strategy to vendor management and selectionWe can help you launch faster, help you staff up, and coordinate across complex teams and organizations for success.

Program Management

You want to get live quickly, but you don't even have a team yet.

We've helped many companies launch amazing products.

Whether you need help getting organized, or support across every single work stream, we can help.

Get Organized

Build faster. Don't let anything fall through the cracks.

Get Support

We can fill the gaps where you need, and help you get staffed up with the right team.

Is your analytics and engagement data actionable and business ready? Do you have all the data you need to answer the most important questions and stored in the right schema?

Can you link attribution through all channels? Are you sure you aren't paying for a customer twice?

Do you need a DMP? Is your CDP set up to maximize success and build the right audiences?

Are you able to execute all the omni-channel campaigns and automations you need? Do you have all the data for triggers properly synced to all locations that need it?

Is the data in your warehouse actionable and linked across all sources? Is it enriched in all the ways you need it to be? Can you automate reporting and predictive modeling?

Launch Marketing Strategy & Data Optimization

Make every dollar count for the best possible launch.

We can help make sure your data and martech systems are optimized for launch, attribution is handled properly, and your approach to measurement and media mix is benchmarked against best-in-class marketing and data system design.

The smartest companies trust Pickaxe.

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Let us show you how we can help you make the most of your data.