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Our services include everything from optimizing your marketing technology and data stacks to launch planning & program management for your critical new business launches. 

Or if you need help building custom data models or developing data warehouses and ETL systems, we can help you make better products and faster decisions.

MarTech Data Audit & Repair

Are your data systems delivering all the value you need in the time you need it?

Product Launch Support

Do you need to get live quickly, but don't yet have a full team?

From strategy to execution, we help clients solve their most difficult challenges, deliver best-in-class data warehouses, analytics and automation, launch amazing new products, and radically improve martech stacks to optimize every dollar spent.

Audit Your Data

Improve your data integrity and quality. We do a full audit of your entire data stack and help you give your data superpowers.

MarTech Optimization

Want to ensure the greatest efficacy across all your acquisition and revenue efforts? We make sure all your MarTech is working together in the best way.

Data Science

Whether you need to augment your data science team, or have no resources of your own, you can leverage our team of experts to dig into your data, build models, and more.

We'll audit your system, and help you make it better.

Data systems and architecture audits that deliver results.

Your Scorecard

Data Integrity & Accuracy 81%
Data Schema Completeness 51%
Normalization 75%
Source Analysis 86%
Marketing Attribution 64%
Product Behavioral Analytics 89%
Ad Yield Optimization 68%
CDP Integration 79%

Improve Data Integrity

We will review all your data and help you fix any problems with data integrity or quality.

Build/Fix ETL Pipelines

Whether you need to build new, or fix existing pipelines, we can help you get your data moving.

Improve Attribution

Improve your acquisition and retention, and never pay for a customer twice. Let us help you optimize your marketing.

Data Science on demand.

Expertise that can make a difference in your business.


We can help you dig deep into your data, expand your teams capabilities, and deliver results.


From feature engineering to neural networks, we can help you create realtime custom models and predict the future.

Simplifying the complex.

How can we help you today?

The smartest companies trust Pickaxe.


From launch to ongoing marketing optimization, helping grow success.


An optimized new schema and automated anomaly detection across 300+ properties.


Enhanced data solutions to match attribution data to billing and paid media.

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Let us show you how we can help you make the most of your data.