We help you make the impossible.

From strategy to execution, we help clients solve their most difficult challenges, deliver best-in-class data warehouses, analytics and automation, launch amazing new products, and radically improve martech stacks to optimize every dollar spent.

Consulting Services

Your challenges are more than data on a spreadsheet.

We bring a deep understanding of business and technology, with a team that helps bring focus and clarity to your problems and opportunities, and we know that it's never one-size-fits-all.

Contact us to learn more about our human and business first approach to solving your hardest product, technical, and data problems.

Data Platform

You need data that speeds your growth.

The leading codeless Insights Platform powered by AI. Automated analysis, insights, anomaly detection, and predictions, all in one easy to use platform that will speed up every aspect of your business.

From enriching data in your data warehouse, to generating beautiful dashboards that your execs will love, Pickaxe's Insights Platform will help you leave spreadsheets and complicated markup languages behind forever.

The smartest companies trust Pickaxe.

Data & Insights Platform

Don't drown in data or leak revenue.

Automated analysis, insights, anomaly detection, and predictions, all in one easy to use platform to ensure optimal growth of your business.

Pickaxe Dashboard with Automatic Intelligent Analysis

Pickaxe Insights analyzes every single data point automatically, and tells you the most interesting things you need to know.

Pickaxe features beautiful, totally custom dashboards that your entire team will love.

Support for all the data visualizations you need, with insights included and powered by our easy to use query tool.

Is your analytics and engagement data actionable and business ready? Do you have all the data you need to answer the most important questions and stored in the right schema?

Can you link attribution through all channels? Are you sure you aren't paying for a customer twice?

Do you need a DMP? Is your CDP set up to maximize success and build the right audiences?

Are you able to execute all the omni-channel campaigns and automations you need? Do you have all the data for triggers properly synced to all locations that need it?

Is the data in your warehouse actionable and linked across all sources? Is it enriched in all the ways you need it to be? Can you automate reporting and predictive modeling?

Data Systems & MarTech Audits

Make sure your data is working for you.

Let us evaluate your data and martech systems and ensure that they are optimized for your most critical use cases and business goals, and we can benchmark your stack against best-in-class marketing and data system design.

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