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See how your

Online Sales Same Store Sales Awareness Stickiness Transactions Ad Efficiency

data impacts

AOV LTV CPA ROI Foot Traffic Cohorts Inventory

Pickaxe’s AI-powered Insights are trained to look for what’s important, and automate analysis, which means faster path to better decisions with the lowest cost.

With Pickaxe you can answer all these questions and more.

Always have context.

See how every metric compares against benchmarks and baselines that are tailored for how you think about your business.

Ecommerce Insight

Connect Sales to Paid & Organic Social Media.

See how your social and paid media campaigns are impacting each other, and how they’re driving door swings, site visits, and sales across platforms.

Don't wait for insights.

Get timely updates when sales dip/jump in a category or at a store. See how your ad campaigns, audiences, and sites are performing in time to make business critical adjustments.

Benchmarks and Baselines

Queries so advanced, they can tell you the future.

Ecommerce Query

Connect, Visualize, & Analyze

Easily collect data from all your sources, including your data lake.

Pickaxe supports hundreds of data sources, including GAM, Attribution, OMSs, Site Analytics, Video Analytics, Paid Media, Organic Social, and your own data from spreadsheets and databases, and many more.

Build beautiful dashboards that your company will love.

Simplifying the complex.

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